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Meet the Club Officers

Our club was officially started on 4/20/2020 (Elon Musk day) when it was split off of the former Tesla Owners Club of Central Texas.

Michael J. Danberry

Michael J. Danberry


Michael is the first president of the newly created Tesla Owners of San Antonio.  He moved to Texas in mid 2019 from Kansas where he was the Vice President of the Tesla Owners of Kansas City club.  He has been a Tesla Model S owner since September 2017.  His wife has a Tesla Model X, making us an all Electric Vehicle (EV) family.


Matt Linn

Vice President

Matt is the first Vice President of the newly created Tesla Owners of San Antonio.  He has followed Tesla since the original Model S prototype was unveiled.  He now has a Model S of his own and loves all things Tesla and SpaceX.


Judy Sanders

VP of communications

Judy is the Vice President of communications for the newly created Tesla Owners of San Antonio club.  She has been a Model 3 owner since October 2018 and became a two-Tesla household when her family purchased their Model S in May 2019

History of the Club...
Dr. Bill, John Kingman and a few others started the "austinsan-antonio-area-tesla" google email list in 2012.  Matt Holm ordered his first Tesla in 2012 but didn’t get it until March, when he met a few other Tesla owners and Elon Musk at the Texas state Capitol to protest Tesla being illegal in Texas.  From there they went to happy hour and started organizing Cars And Coffee events.
Matt threw his first Tesla party at his house in the summer of 2013 and has had it annually ever since.
In 2015 Tesla said we had the largest membership group in Central Texas and asked if we would run the San Antonio and Austin area club with official designation.  The co-founders asked Matt if he would run the group.  Matt said yes and now in April 2020 the original Tesla Owners Central Texas club has split creating separate clubs for Austin and San Antonio, this allows us to have our own club.  Combined events are still planned due to the proximity of the two cities in central Texas.

To become an official member of the Tesla Owners Club of San Antonio, please click on "Join the Club" at the top of the page.

Benefits include: Members Only events, discount code on official Tesla merchandise.  You have to be a Tesla owner and belong to an official Tesla Owners Club to be eligible for the annual discount code.

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